Lead Out! Shout Out!

Recognition is a powerful action and here’s our monthly “shout out” on individuals making a difference. At least monthly, we will highlight a team member, client group, or provocative trend that models the behavior and practice of appreciation or recognition.



Jim Anderson, President & CEO of the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE), considers himself “a helpful ear.” He has a genuine passion for helping others, whether it is by listening to challenges, sharing their joys, or helping them in some way.

He fed that passion first at the United Way California Capital Region, where, over the course of 16 years, he worked his way up to Executive Vice President of the organization. Seventeen years ago, he took over as the exec at CalSAE.

In that time, he has endeavored to lead CalSAE in a way that the organization can “make a difference” through innovation and trying new things. Most recently, he launched an effort to address diversity and inclusion. When asked “why now?” he answered that because of George Floyd’s death earlier this year, he and the board of directors began conversations about what inclusion looked like within CalSAE. The result was much study, the start of an ongoing conversation, and taking a first step by creating a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. According to Anderson: “This is not a check-the-box exercise, but a long-term culture change. We want to discover where there are opportunities to make a difference.”

Anderson has demonstrated his “helpful ear” role during this time of COVID challenges, championing new platforms and formats that continue to bring CalSAE’s members information, education, and networking opportunities.